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Audio Post Production

We offer a wide range of audio post production services for video, film, TV,  theatre, computer games and web based content.    

What We Provide

  • Voice-over recording for radio, video and web based content
  • Foley for TV, film, video, theatre, computer games and web based content
  • Audio solutions for event promotion and web based marketing
  • Video content solutions for promotion and marketing
  • Music for TV, film, video & computer games


Contact us and tell us about your project

Neumann U87 Ai and LA-610 Mk II for audio recording and voice-over services

Studio Equipment

Microphones: Neumann U87 Ai,  AKG C414 XLii and Røde NTK Valve mic. Preamps: Universal Audio LA-610 MKii and Focusrite ISA two.

Monitors: Genelec 8040B, Sennheiser HD600. Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT150.  Mixing & Audio processing: UAD plugins, Waves plugins and izotope music production bundle. Software: Protools.  

All voice recordings are done in a professional vocal booth 

Mobile Setup

Microphones: AKG C414XLii or Shure SM58. Preamp: Focusrite scarlet 18i8. Laptop. Should the recording situation call for a different setup and involve other recordings than voice-over only then we can accommodate for that. We have different condenser and dynamic mics for other situations. Just let us know your requirements for your project.