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We will write about exciting new music projects that Aprivista will be involved in or has been involved with in the past. There will be updates and articles on events that we will be part of or have been part of. We will write about Industry News and Developments and we will also feel free to write about random stuff and reviews that we find interesting. Have a read through some of the blogs we have posted so far.

Last update 12/16/2021 by Brian H Feddersen

Preset Bundle For Native Instruments MASSIVE Synth

The expansion pack contains 64 useful presets, with a variety of synth pads, bass presets, sequences, synth leads, rhythm pads, and atmospheric sounds. The bundle is suited for different genres such as electronic music, alternative rock, and pop, sound design for audiovisual projects, film and movie scores.

Last update 7/2/2022 by Brian H Feddersen

What Mics, what scripts, for voice-overs?

An article about voice-over recording - Pick the right VO scripts for your voice - How to select scripts for your VO show-reel? - What microphones and gear do we use and recommend

for VO recording?

Last update 9/6/2021 by Brian H Feddersen

Behind The Scenes And The Making Of "Tik Tok"

An article about the creative process of songwriting and music video creation. The article takes you behind the scenes and the making of the song "Tik Tok" 

Last update 9/12/2021 by Brian H Feddersen

Short-film - Audiovisual Project

An article about the making of "Remember Me" a Short-film - an audiovisual project by the artist's BRIN and Brian H Feddersen.