Audio Production and Sound Design

Audio Production and Sound Design

Sound Design
Post Production
Audio for Visual Marketing Solutions
We use Quality Mics for Professional Results

We use Quality Mics for Professional Results

Audio Branding
Sound Logo
Audio Book Recording
Mobile Voice-over Recording
Sound Design Solutions, Event promotion, Audio Branding, Jingles, Voice-over recordings

Sound Design Solutions

Audio Logo
Event Promotion
Audio Branding
Jingles for Radio or Web based Content

Aprivista Music, sound design and audio production


We specialize in sound and audio production. We deal with a comprehensive range of services within the areas of audio recording, voice-over recording, music production, audio for visual solutions, and post-production. 

Voice-over Recording

We offer voice-over recordings for our clients. We provide speedy service when necessary, quality recordings, and competitive rates.



Audio production

  • Voice-overs
  • Sound-design
  • Audio for visual solutions 
  • Music production 
  • Jingles or audio for event promotions 
  • Sound logo and audio branding 
  • Audio post-production 
  • Video content
  • Video promotion
  • Music video production

Competitive Rates

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You can read more about the services we provide by following the read me link below and also listen to different sound examples 

Voice-over recording

We provide quality recordings for your project.  



Sound Design and Audio Solutions

Audio visual presentation of a product or service, is an effective way to promote yourself or establish an identity for your company. We offer audio and sound design solutions that can help you market your product.

Audio Post Production

Post production solutions for video, film, TV, theater, computer games and web based content.    

Voice-over examples from various projects
Voice-over examples from various projects
Voice-over examples from previous projects in English, German and Danish. We have professional Voice-over recording facilities using industry standard equipment and a designated vocal booth for best possible recording results. We can give guidance and advise for Voice actors in relation to their show reel or simply just record your voice if you already have your scripts in place and know what you want. Get in touch and we
Tik Tok - A Music production project
Tik Tok - A Music production project
Tik Tok - The song is released via Aprivista by the artist Brian H Feddersen. A collaboration project between Aprivista and The single is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and all other main digital platforms. Written and performed by Brian H Feddersen and Jesper Buch - lyrics by BHF - recorded at 16sounds studio and Aprivista studio - mixed by BHF - video production by BHF at Aprivista.
Promotion and Marketing video for Friday Night Sessions
Promotion and Marketing video for Friday Night Sessions
Friday Night Sessions - The concept is to showcase original music and artists.
A creative hub where East meets West and South meets North in a melting pot of ideas, inspiration, collaboration, musical and artistic outlet.
A place where artists have a platform from which they can evolve and grow.
A place where artists try out new ideas and concepts.